The Bible in a year, Reading Plan.

Reading the Bible is a critical part of building our relationship with God.  But, it can be hard - hard to know where to start, what to read, what it all means.  Having a plan can help with the getting started part.  

Over the next twelve months, we will be reading together, the entire Bible.  We are going to use a Chronological approach to our bible reading this year.  Working Chronologically through God's word, helps us with historical context, which can aid us in understanding the written text.

Being successful requires a commitment.  This is a daily reading plan, so as you plan to begin, it is important that you start thinking about when you will do your reading each day. Choose a time of day where you will be free from distraction.  Take the time to develop a ritual of sorts as this will help to build the habit of getting into the word each day.  If you miss a day, make sure you have a plan to catch back up.  It is easy to quit if you start to feel like you have fallen behind.

I have found it helpful to have a full-year reading plan printed out, so if you would like to have a printable version of the reading plan, please email and I will get you a pdf version.

I am and am continuing to work on, hyperlinking the versus to an online NLT Bible so that if you prefer to read on your phone or tablet or computer, you can easily get to the day's versus - that said, it is recommended we read our physical Bibles - as you read, you will learn where all the books are (makes it so easy to turn to in church :)) And, there is something about notes in the margins.  Still, however you do it, just do it.

Reading Plan